The handwriting tag

Thank you Mixedwithmine  Amrit jha ….he  nominated me fo this lovely tag.

The rules are like this:

  • Write your real name.
  • Write your blog URL.
  • Write the sentence: “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.”
  • What are you writing with?
  • Draw and name your favorite emoticon.
  • Write a silly message.
  • Nominate three more people.

Publish a post dedicated to the tag with a photo of your response. Needless to say, it must be written in your very own handwriting.

I actually like this tag atleast we get a chance to see each other’s b’ful handwriting. My fellow nominee bloggers are:

  1. dokyglassesblog
  2. Vee’s world
  3. Jhallipatakha

      Enjoy reading and writing 🙂


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      Social media and You

      Social media or a tool?

      Any website that allows social interaction is considered a social media site such as facebook, twitter, instagram, google+, gaming sites, BBM, Wechat, LinkedIn and many more. It is for entertainment and communication. 

      These days social media plays a vital role in everyone’s life especially youth. It has become prominent part of many people’s lives. Using social media sites involves us in many activities and it is a way of connecting around the world. We sometimes share too much with too many and we have to be concious fo that. Today we have not only become a part of people’s lives but also the things their lives revolve around. We see people checking their phones every minute, looking fo latest updates and status. But at the end they are only the tools not life styles.

      Every coin has two sides likewise social media also has both sides positive and negative aspects. Some of the positive aspects of engaging in social media are:

      Education, politics, news, awareness, social benefits, job opportunities. And nEgative  aspects are: enables cheating, lack of privacy, users crime, social detriments, misinformation, false-advertisements, a waste of time. 

      Adolescents and teenagers are the heaviest users of social networking. Internet addiction and sleep deprivation are the major issues of using social media and it affects the youth emotionally and mentally. The more social media used by teenagers the more risks factors involved like cyberbullying, online harrasment, sexting, facebook depression. Do you ever think that how much of time we spend on social media.? or is it worthy to spend long hours on internet?

      What do you think?

      • They are far overused and should be severely limited.
      • If used carefully, though, they can be mostly beneficial.?
      • Are a useful tool?

        Let me know in the comment box, your suggestions and feedback.

        Thank you fo reading 🙂

        Girl or Woman


        Being in your 20s is a crucial part of every woman’s life. It is the time when a girl discovers a true woman in herself. Its during these years when we graduating from college, starting our career, building new relationships, and actualy comes to know who the real ones are. Your 20s are most of the exciting years of your life. Most women start taking care of her own finances. They started learning to manage budgets and everything that comes their way. Its a prime time to start a career and fly high.

        These days are really filled with lots of love and dating, heart breaks n etc. But one thing is we find a true friend in our 20s and than it becomes hard to leave that friend because the bond grows stronger as the days passing by. Good friends are hard to find, and if you ask me, losing a bestie is harder than losing a guy.(with the time we come to realize that guyz wil come n go but friends remain foreva). 

        (Another thing) as everyone makes mistakes in their life but we started learning in our 20s that we should not make the same mistake twice but also understands the moments when we just need to back away.You dont always have to be right! Its important to learn when to stand up for yourself because if you never say anything, nothing will ever change and the negative things will build up.(its your 20s and  now you’re an independent women, you must learn such things like speaking up for yourself.) 

        As soon as we work on our looks,started taking compliments(even blush sometimes) and accepts our body shape then it boosts up our confidence. But the most importantly when you grow in your 20s you’re still young to have fun so dont forget to bring out the little kid that left in you(no woman is always as sincere as you think.)

        Sory guys i failed to corelate some points but i hope you agree with my points and understands it.

        This is for every woman who are in their 20s…Stay strong, stay beautiful, stay confident and stay YOU!!!

        Thank you readers 🙂

        The Black cat and Blue sea

        I dont know much about this award…I all know is that, This award is for bloggers who strive to write for everybody, and no matter how many viewers they get, make an impact on reader. This award is an expression of gratitude to the nominee. It should be awarded to anybody that you choose deserves it and it doesn’t mean that they must have hundreds of followers and likes.

        I’d like to say Thanks to Jhalli Patakha for nominating me for this award. Kindly check her lovely blog.:))

        So, here are the questions i was asked for:

        1. If you get a chance to exchange places with your fav. fictional character, whom would you choose and why?

        Ans: Firstly, i dont want to exchange my position or character with any other person.I love to be myself! But i like the authors Ravindra Singh n Sudeep Nagrakar for their novels(love novels) ….really awesome.!!

        2. Which is your favourite TV/movie/Book series and why?

        Ans: I always like to see reality dance shows, comedy shows. My favourite book is The Secret and How to have a b’ful mind! [These books are awesome] I rarely watch movies because i dont like to and my favourite TV serial was Dahleez(star+).  All the characters of this show were inspiring. 

        3. Share your stupidly awesome experience.

        Ans: There are many and few of them are like door bell wale incidents(childhood memories). 

        Here are nominated bloggers:


        2. Hargun wahi

        3. Dreamgirl30

        4. Antra

        5. Wanderlust Bella

        6. 4ever 21christina

        7. Mixed with mine

        And here are my 3 questions fo the nominated bloggers:

        1. If you become president of your country for one day, what would you do?

        2. If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

        3. Tell me your favourite movie’s song?

        Okey..that’s it!!

        You’re so beautiful :)

        Every girl, every women thinks Is she looks beautiful?.. and dont know what answer comes within. Acc to you; beauty means a b’ful face or something more than that. Girls always worries about their looks, personality. But beauty and personality are two different things. Girls in their teenager worry about their looks, they tend to look beautiful only from outside because they cant differentiate the meaning of inner and outer beauty. But when they grow up like in 20s (or more) they need to look beautiful from inside and out.

         Every woman is beautiful in her own way but not everyone can sees it beacause beauty is not in the face, it is a light in the heart! Beautiful face always attracts a man but beautiful heart only attracts the Gentle man. Anyone can look beautiful by applying some beauty products or by doin make over(its very easy) but one needs to do a makeover of their heart and soul. Looks are temporary, at times beautiful face fades away but not the’beautiful soul’.


        So Always appreciate yourself for your beautiful heart and soul because face is not everything that holds beauty. When girls started appreciating themselves than no man can let her feel down. Show some attitude and walk away!!

        B’coz you know

        You’re so beautiful

        So damn beautiful…..

        HOpe you guys like it…Thanks fo reading!

          – RAJSHREE

        Obsession(Dark desires)

        Obsession means what..-it is state of being obsessed with someone or something, (isn’t it is the meaning.?) Or we can say thoughts, images and impulses that occur over and over again and feel out of the person’s control.
        It means obsession tends to be thoughts that cause significant stress or anxiety. People can be obsessed from anything like any activity, relationships, friendships, career or else and sometimes it is good to be obsessed. But when it reaches to its limit than it causes harm to other persons and people started losing their control.

        Women in their 20s are obsessed with many things and Teenagers also. Lets discus the obsession of love(especially in teens)….when it comes to love than it is similar to lust but it is much more misleading and destructive. Infact, obsession can be made worse with time while lust always fades. Love can grow out of lust but obsession kills love everytime. If the relationship is without consideration or compromise then it could be based on obsessive feelings rather than real love(will publish another post on true love in the upcoming posts). People sometimes becomes self-obsessed too but it is good often.
        Some of the common obsessions are: causing harm to somebody,certain numbers and colours(this is the most common one),unwanted and sexual thoughts n etc. The common element in all these obsessions are unwanted thoughts that cause a person considerable anxiety and it troubles the mind.
        Do you agree? Are you an obsessed person. Let me know in a comment box(if any).

        Thanks fo reading..Have a great day!

        Liebster Award

        Hello everyone…m so hapiee that i got nominated fo Liesbter Award Which is by my friend Poemsbyarti (Arti Manekar) I’m realy grateful to her visit her blog!

        Let me tell you something;

        Liesbter is German and it means “Dearest“, “sweetheart” or “beloved

        Here are some rules for Award : 

        – Recognize 5 other new bloggers.

        –Tell me the answer of 11 questions.

        – Tell readers 11 random facts about you.(not must)

        – Ask 11 more questions to the new bloggers.

        – Link this post back to the blogger.


        1. When u started writing and what was ur first inspiration to write?

        Ans: I always wonder how people write so beautifully and this inspires me to write (atleast give a try) And then i started writing blogs just a month before.

        2. Any incident, which is inspiring for others and u want to share?

        Ans: Honestly i dont remember any such inspiring incident. Sory!

        3. Do u ever listen stories from your dadi or nani?

        Ans: No, i was too lil(small child) when i lost my dadi and we visit  nani’s place only in vacations(if get a chance) 

        4. Are u a day dreamer? Then whats ur biggest dream? How are u going to fulfill it?

        Ans: Yes sometimes,(cant share my dreams) but one thing i want or dreamt of having my own car Verna and go fo a long drive with my bestie:-) these days own a car is not a big thing but i want to buy it by my hard earned money. so it takes time.

        5. What are your comfort zones? 

        Ans: Dont knw actually (or dont want to tell)

        6. Any mistake you have done? And you want to recover it? How wil u do that if u get a chance?

        Ans: Like other people i have also done many mistakes but dont want any f them to recover.

        7. Define friendship in 1 word.

        Ans:  My BFF’s

        8. Define love 1-2 lines.

        Ans:  Love is a beautiful feeling.

        9.  Do you like cooking? Which dish you can make perfectly?

        Ans:  Yes sometimes i like to cook and i can perfectly make Paneer Tikka (n so tasty)

        10.  What if we get a chance to meet?

        Ans:  It would be like a extra icing on a cake if we get a chance to meet.

        11.  Do you love cartoons? Which one n why?

        Ans:  Only Doraemon and Nobita because they are so cute!

        My Nominees:






        Here are your questions guys:

        1. What makes you smile?

        2. Which talent you dont have but want it?

        3. Describe you first kiss?

        4. Do you remember a moment that made you fall in love with travelling?

        5. Who would be your dream date?

        6. Are you a planner? Or are you a spontaneous?

        7. What is your life dream?

        8. What is your biggest fear?

        9. Do you care what other people think of you?

        10. Describe the meaning of beauty or beautiful(1-2 lines)

        11. Is there a blog post that is dear to your heart and if so which one?
        Congratulations bloggers fo your nominations.
        Let me know in a comment box when you share your blog post.

        Go ahead and nominate other bloggers.  🙂

        Good luck my people!!

        Happy Happy :-)

        This is Hindi Bollywood Song… from the movie Barfi ..enjoy the lyrics with hapie wala mood 😉

        Itti si hansi

        Itti si khushi

        Itta sa tukda chand ka

        Khwabon k tinko se

        Chal banayeinn aashiyaan 
        Dabe dabe paaon se
        Aaye haule haule zindagi

        Hothon pe kundi chadha ke

        Hum taale laga ke chal

        Gumsum tarane chupke chupke gaayein

        Aadhi aadhi baant le

        Aaja dil ki ye zameen

        Thoda sa tera sa hoga

        Thoda mera bhi hoga apna ye aashiyan

        Itti si hansi
        Itti si khushi

        Itta sa tukda chand ka

        Khwabon ke tinkon se

        Chal banayeinn aashiyan

        Naa ho chaar deewarein
        Phir bhi jharokhe khule

        Baadalon ke ho parde

        Shaakhi hari pankha jhale

        Naa ho koi takraarein

        Are masti thahaake chale

        Pyaar ke sikkon se mahine ka kharcha chale

        Dabe dabe paaon se
        Aaye haule haule zindagi

        Hothon pe kundi chadha ke

        Hum taale laga ke chal

        Gumsum tarane chupke chupke gaayein

        Aadhi aadhi baant le

        Aaja dil ki ye zameen

        Thoda sa tera sa hoga

        Thoda mera bhi hoga apna ye Aashiyan

        Itti si hansi
        Itti si khushi

        Itta sa tukda chand ka

        Khwabon ke tinkon se

        Chal banayeinn Aashiyan 
        be charming, be loved, be chaalu, be crazy, be happy, be in love be barfi!

        Hope you guyss like;


        Choose your Category;

        At every stage of life we need friends but one friend always remains the same at each stage while other changes with time and place. Friends became the part of our life and make it more beautiful.

        I have different types of friends but not more (as i start to count then it stops at 5 nly) but m hapie because one friend is also enough when he/she is equal to million th ones.

        There are types of friends we have in our life:

        • The Intellectual
        • The Fun One
        • The Mom
        • The Brother
        • The Younger Sister
        • The Dramatic
        • The Listener
        • The BFF

        Best Friend is equals to all type of friends with them we used you share anything or everything but i think we always need some other friends too like the intellectual one, funny,etc(as i mentioned above) and I’m a very good friend 😀 (my friend once said  to me) My bestie is my another family and everytime we help each other …….loads of love to my gal :-* 

        So what kind of friend you are and what type of friend you want in your life.?