Liebster Award

Hello everyone…m so hapiee that i got nominated fo Liesbter Award Which is by my friend Poemsbyarti (Arti Manekar) I’m realy grateful to her visit her blog!

Let me tell you something;

Liesbter is German and it means “Dearest“, “sweetheart” or “beloved

Here are some rules for Award : 

– Recognize 5 other new bloggers.

–Tell me the answer of 11 questions.

– Tell readers 11 random facts about you.(not must)

– Ask 11 more questions to the new bloggers.

– Link this post back to the blogger.


1. When u started writing and what was ur first inspiration to write?

Ans: I always wonder how people write so beautifully and this inspires me to write (atleast give a try) And then i started writing blogs just a month before.

2. Any incident, which is inspiring for others and u want to share?

Ans: Honestly i dont remember any such inspiring incident. Sory!

3. Do u ever listen stories from your dadi or nani?

Ans: No, i was too lil(small child) when i lost my dadi and we visit  nani’s place only in vacations(if get a chance) 

4. Are u a day dreamer? Then whats ur biggest dream? How are u going to fulfill it?

Ans: Yes sometimes,(cant share my dreams) but one thing i want or dreamt of having my own car Verna and go fo a long drive with my bestie:-) these days own a car is not a big thing but i want to buy it by my hard earned money. so it takes time.

5. What are your comfort zones? 

Ans: Dont knw actually (or dont want to tell)

6. Any mistake you have done? And you want to recover it? How wil u do that if u get a chance?

Ans: Like other people i have also done many mistakes but dont want any f them to recover.

7. Define friendship in 1 word.

Ans:  My BFF’s

8. Define love 1-2 lines.

Ans:  Love is a beautiful feeling.

9.  Do you like cooking? Which dish you can make perfectly?

Ans:  Yes sometimes i like to cook and i can perfectly make Paneer Tikka (n so tasty)

10.  What if we get a chance to meet?

Ans:  It would be like a extra icing on a cake if we get a chance to meet.

11.  Do you love cartoons? Which one n why?

Ans:  Only Doraemon and Nobita because they are so cute!

My Nominees:






Here are your questions guys:

1. What makes you smile?

2. Which talent you dont have but want it?

3. Describe you first kiss?

4. Do you remember a moment that made you fall in love with travelling?

5. Who would be your dream date?

6. Are you a planner? Or are you a spontaneous?

7. What is your life dream?

8. What is your biggest fear?

9. Do you care what other people think of you?

10. Describe the meaning of beauty or beautiful(1-2 lines)

11. Is there a blog post that is dear to your heart and if so which one?
Congratulations bloggers fo your nominations.
Let me know in a comment box when you share your blog post.

Go ahead and nominate other bloggers.  🙂

Good luck my people!!


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