In our country, we have been provided with some fundamental rights which include freedom of many things like education, speech, etc. But have we really been given these freedoms? By listening to the word ‘freedom’people might start making their own perceptions. Some may take it lightly and thus misuse it while the others might take it greatly and make ample use of it. It depends entirely on an individual as to how he wants to take his freedom ahead.People everywhere dream of freedom. 

Children might think of freedom as a license to do whatever they want to do and there wouldn’t be any restrictions on them. Teenagers might think of freedom as being able to go to college all by themselves, carrying and showing off their expensive mobile phones and a license of skipping lectures.I believe that freedom has both good and bad effects. It can either make a person or break a person. It can make a person independent but it can also make a person get influenced by wrong company. Freedom to me is to be able to make decisions and choices independently, to be able to breathe freely. As a girl, freedom is the most importantthing in my life to live confidently. By this I mean, being allowed to choose the career that I want to pursue. By doing so I’ll be able to give my best to my work..  By Monaksha

I think freedom means knowing your responsibilities, living the way you want to, wearing clothes that you like, eating whateva suits your health, speaking to anyone, expressing your thoughts and views. Living stress free life, enjoying each and every moment. FREEDOM is something more than its liberal sense. We all have equal rights; so we let lower class people live their lives without getting insulted or abused. Right to education says, every child in our country has right to study and transform the world into a better place.Freedom is to ask a question what is wrong or what is right without being afraid of anything. It means to free a caged bird, give animals or pets a free space.

We should not take our freedom lightly because there are many who are living a hell life, everyone wants freedom fo doing the things whateva they like to, or living free lives.

But tell me does freedom really exist?  To some freedom is still a dream. Are we making effective use of our freedom?  We can only hope for the best and let time be the one to give freedom to everyone.
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Things we’l learn in our 20s

  1. Keeping friends become difficult.
  2. We cannot change people.
  3. Life will be filled with lot of Uncertainities.
  4. Seeing your Parents get older.
  5. You’ll learn how to live Alone.
  6. Relationships are difficult.
  7. You need money for Everything.
  8. Not all the Dreams come true.
  9. You’ll set the Foundation for the entire life.
  10. You’ll realize that getting married isn’t so bad.

      In 20s we learn many things, make many new friends, n etc . Tel me more things that we learn ..,in the comment box.

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      Colors of Life

      Colour is a very noticable attribute of the world around us. It is a way we observe things. It is a transformation of a colorless journey from the black and white to a colourful world. They provoked the aesthetic beauty, charm and activeness on life. Colours give every object an identity and helping it to be distinguished from others.

      Colours also helps in expressing feelings ( lovers use Red to express their love, friends exchange Yellow Roses, Green represents ambition & emotions, Blue represents health, understanding, knowledge, White is forpeace.)  Every colour has a meaning and an implication of its own. 

      Colours have occupied a significant in one’s life. Digital technology has also seen a transition from black & white screen to a colorful screen. Even though colors mean a lot but black & white are beautiful in their own way. How would an artist represent sadness, pain if there wasn’t something like black&white. So despite from all the failures, struggles and fear we must add a little color to our life!

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