Girl or Woman


Being in your 20s is a crucial part of every woman’s life. It is the time when a girl discovers a true woman in herself. Its during these years when we graduating from college, starting our career, building new relationships, and actualy comes to know who the real ones are. Your 20s are most of the exciting years of your life. Most women start taking care of her own finances. They started learning to manage budgets and everything that comes their way. Its a prime time to start a career and fly high.

These days are really filled with lots of love and dating, heart breaks n etc. But one thing is we find a true friend in our 20s and than it becomes hard to leave that friend because the bond grows stronger as the days passing by. Good friends are hard to find, and if you ask me, losing a bestie is harder than losing a guy.(with the time we come to realize that guyz wil come n go but friends remain foreva). 

(Another thing) as everyone makes mistakes in their life but we started learning in our 20s that we should not make the same mistake twice but also understands the moments when we just need to back away.You dont always have to be right! Its important to learn when to stand up for yourself because if you never say anything, nothing will ever change and the negative things will build up.(its your 20s and  now you’re an independent women, you must learn such things like speaking up for yourself.) 

As soon as we work on our looks,started taking compliments(even blush sometimes) and accepts our body shape then it boosts up our confidence. But the most importantly when you grow in your 20s you’re still young to have fun so dont forget to bring out the little kid that left in you(no woman is always as sincere as you think.)

Sory guys i failed to corelate some points but i hope you agree with my points and understands it.

This is for every woman who are in their 20s…Stay strong, stay beautiful, stay confident and stay YOU!!!

Thank you readers 🙂


36 thoughts on “Girl or Woman

  1. Beautiful write indeed. You have covered almost every as of that age beautifully.

    What’s important and what not , doing mistakes and not repeating them.

    I loved the title of your post.

    Have great time ahead. Learn the life in its totality, every moment is Beautiful and worth living.

    No doubt 2o ‘s are special.

    But how they are related to butter is still a mystery to solve ?

    Have great day.

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  2. I am in my twenties and soomtimes I feel like remaining in my tweens because I am scared to discover the kind of woman I will be. I can’t reverse time though I wouldn’t mind finding out the kind of woman I am this is a great post.

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