Social media and You

Social media or a tool?

Any website that allows social interaction is considered a social media site such as facebook, twitter, instagram, google+, gaming sites, BBM, Wechat, LinkedIn and many more. It is for entertainment and communication. 

These days social media plays a vital role in everyone’s life especially youth. It has become prominent part of many people’s lives. Using social media sites involves us in many activities and it is a way of connecting around the world. We sometimes share too much with too many and we have to be concious fo that. Today we have not only become a part of people’s lives but also the things their lives revolve around. We see people checking their phones every minute, looking fo latest updates and status. But at the end they are only the tools not life styles.

Every coin has two sides likewise social media also has both sides positive and negative aspects. Some of the positive aspects of engaging in social media are:

Education, politics, news, awareness, social benefits, job opportunities. And nEgative  aspects are: enables cheating, lack of privacy, users crime, social detriments, misinformation, false-advertisements, a waste of time. 

Adolescents and teenagers are the heaviest users of social networking. Internet addiction and sleep deprivation are the major issues of using social media and it affects the youth emotionally and mentally. The more social media used by teenagers the more risks factors involved like cyberbullying, online harrasment, sexting, facebook depression. Do you ever think that how much of time we spend on social media.? or is it worthy to spend long hours on internet?

What do you think?

  • They are far overused and should be severely limited.
  • If used carefully, though, they can be mostly beneficial.?
  • Are a useful tool?

    Let me know in the comment box, your suggestions and feedback.

    Thank you fo reading 🙂


    22 thoughts on “Social media and You

    1. Firstly, you brought out a good issue. For me, they are clearly overhyped stuffs having lesser pluses and more minuses. Won’t make it too long, would just end saying that the world outside is more wonderful and needed to be explored with zeal.

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    2. These are the questions that perturb us everday…
      The answer certainly is a diplomatic one…..One cannot imagine one’s life without social media.. we need to understand that we need balanced form of life style….which means that inclining yourself to either sides might bring up problems..,

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