Choose your Category;

At every stage of life we need friends but one friend always remains the same at each stage while other changes with time and place. Friends became the part of our life and make it more beautiful.

I have different types of friends but not more (as i start to count then it stops at 5 nly) but m hapie because one friend is also enough when he/she is equal to million th ones.

There are types of friends we have in our life:

  • The Intellectual
  • The Fun One
  • The Mom
  • The Brother
  • The Younger Sister
  • The Dramatic
  • The Listener
  • The BFF

Best Friend is equals to all type of friends with them we used you share anything or everything but i think we always need some other friends too like the intellectual one, funny,etc(as i mentioned above) and I’m a very good friend 😀 (my friend once said  to me) My bestie is my another family and everytime we help each other …….loads of love to my gal :-* 

So what kind of friend you are and what type of friend you want in your life.?


29 thoughts on “Choose your Category;

      1. Yes, it is not about the number if friends we make. It is about true friends that we have. There could be only one friend to be enough for a lifetime of happiness and togetherness. Happy for you my dear girl.

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  1. Sorry I posted that incomplete. Here’s the full version:
    If I try to look myself from the out, I feel I fit into two of the categories – The Listener & The Fun One. I know they seem a li’l contrasting but that’s how it is. I can listen to people for long with a lot of patience, but most of the time I end up laughing off at the end until there’s something really very serious in the talk.


  2. Nice post – I agree with you; we need our friends. But it is funny/strange how those friends sometimes fade in and out of importance at different times of our life, but still remain friends, 🙂

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