Obsession(Dark desires)

Obsession means what..-it is state of being obsessed with someone or something, (isn’t it is the meaning.?) Or we can say thoughts, images and impulses that occur over and over again and feel out of the person’s control.
It means obsession tends to be thoughts that cause significant stress or anxiety. People can be obsessed from anything like any activity, relationships, friendships, career or else and sometimes it is good to be obsessed. But when it reaches to its limit than it causes harm to other persons and people started losing their control.

Women in their 20s are obsessed with many things and Teenagers also. Lets discus the obsession of love(especially in teens)….when it comes to love than it is similar to lust but it is much more misleading and destructive. Infact, obsession can be made worse with time while lust always fades. Love can grow out of lust but obsession kills love everytime. If the relationship is without consideration or compromise then it could be based on obsessive feelings rather than real love(will publish another post on true love in the upcoming posts). People sometimes becomes self-obsessed too but it is good often.
Some of the common obsessions are: causing harm to somebody,certain numbers and colours(this is the most common one),unwanted and sexual thoughts n etc. The common element in all these obsessions are unwanted thoughts that cause a person considerable anxiety and it troubles the mind.
Do you agree? Are you an obsessed person. Let me know in a comment box(if any).

Thanks fo reading..Have a great day!


15 thoughts on “Obsession(Dark desires)

  1. Yeah I agreed, it’s sort of addiction . When you have no control as you said.

    Being attentive to wards our thoughts and just observe them like spectator and let them go can help. When we are not conscious about our thoughts they convert into action and they develop auto pattern in our mind and becomes our habit.

    Solution to this problem is very simple , live in the present moment and be always alert to your thoughts and don’t judge them good or bad. Just be vigilant.

    Know that you are not body nor mind which is nothing but collection of thoughts we have accumulated over a period of time.

    We are sheer consciousness who is witness to all thought and actions.

    Know that we are complete within . No action , relationship or success or materialstic pleasure can make us more secure or happy.

    Our very true nature is love , Peace and happiness. Feel the very true nature of the self Which is nothing but happiness.

    Knowing the real nature of things around us can create a understanding about the changing nature of real world.

    Having said that this knowledge illuminate dispassion for this material world. Dispassion does not mean , leaving every thing and going to himalaya . But it reveals truth of karma. Secret of karma says your every action is to serve the society and you have no right on fruit. Like for example good singer never sing a song for himself or herself . Or we donot become surgeon to perform surgery on self or on surgery. All profession are meant for others. Selfless action is true secreat of karma.

    Now question arises for our basic needs, like food, shelter and clothes required for the body those should be met. But desires have end less lust to have more and more . Since in general we have been conditioned by the society to have more and more will make us more Happy but we acquire pleasure for some time by having all those things and again crave for more. It’s end less pursuit.

    If we know the true self and real nature of other things as I said earlier then desire for , love, relationship, or any other desire or obsession will subside significantly. We will understand that when ever we will have lust or desire or obsession arise we may fall in the trap but if we have knowledge there is possibility , same knowledge will alert us same time result of our action. So chances are there even if we are traped in desire , lust or obsession it will not for more time.

    Now let me talk about love. We have three category of love.

    1. Love out of attraction

    This Love is basically between opposite gender out of attraction , does not remain forever .

    2. Love due to comfort
    This basically between family and friends, colleagues and society at large. Which is due to common interest . Once common intrest dissolves love evaporates.

    3. This category of love is basically for the divine or God or for spirituality or for law of nature or about universal law if nature .

    Once you fall in this kind of love this eternal then you love the god. You know that one element which manifestation of god within us. Once we realize this truth . Loving every human despite their age, religion, or qualities they have you love them. You donot judge them good or bed. You see god with in and in every other human being. You are nothing but devine you see others as devine. Then love desires and lust evaporates. When god belongs to you every resource of this planet belongs to you . You are king of this planet. You drop all your desires, hope , lust and obsession.

    I can write more about this. But due to lack of time finshing it in middle.

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  2. Crux of the story is knowing , mind and emotions . How they function what they bring to us . What is beyond their purview . Who we are ? What is happiness ? What is pleasure ? . How our sensory organ functions ? What is their true nature?.

    What is love , hate , anger , lust , greed ?.

    How energy with in us functions and all those stuff.

    Once you understand complete circle in the light of spirituality. You feel see that all negative things will evaporates from you and you will eternal bliss , and ever free.

    Impact of tv, movies , news , media , internet are immense in our life.

    They condition our mind in different way. They tell different definition of above said things but reality is different.

    Once you are able to discriminate then life is Beautiful

    No obsession No lust

    Love Love and Love will remain. Not the love movies tell us or serials or tv ads describe

    But unshakable love for self, god , family , society and entire creation as a whole.

    Why I have written that much long reply they are interlinked with each other.

    We need to understand complete circle then we will not have any confusion.

    After understanding spiritual wisdom. We can remain in this world and can enjoy love, lust and obsession without being effected from them.

    What I have said it’s not my creation but our holy books are guiding us since human race evolved.

    Else life is misery on every step we will have fear of one or other thing.

    Now wrapping

    Have great time ahead.

    Try to find out master key for all ills , treating millions of wound of life one by one will not help.

    Find sanjivani for life which works in every disease will be effective for every human being despite their age , cast , religions or country.

    All the best

    The end.

    Hope I am able to express few things if not all but worth contemplating.

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  3. Very nice post….obsession is there when we try to control the other person, and when we control there is no love, love can exist only if we let ourselves and the other one free..
    Nice write up..

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  4. I never get obsessed though used to got attracted towards a feeling many a times.Love brings positive vibes in life whether its for a person or your work whereas obsession mostly turns to introduce negativity in lives and your post is certainly beautiful & inspirative specially for teenagers who used to fall with anything that has momentarily pleasure.Thanks very much for visiting my blog that leads me to visit your wonderful blog.Keep writing 🙂

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