She goes on despite of all the fear, struggle, disappointments

She lives for all

And may be one day for the love of someone else.

She is a warrior!!


To Him❤

On that 1st day yu looked at me, said nothing but dropped me home

On our 2nd meeting, again yu looked at me, said nothing

And then it started off

Like meetings and the way we talk & walk

Everything was good enough

But then yu started looking for me almost everytime

How could i be the perfect person yu wanted?

I’m me, and nothing could changed that.

Every little argument,

Make both of us mad

And soon it would get better.

There are the things i must Thank You for

Yu can tell me anything, i won’t let yu go through your problems alone

I know i’ll always be in yur heart

No matter what happens

We will be Friends Forever😊

Thank yu for reading!

To every woman❤

You can see her struggling

But you won’t see her fall

Everyone says life is Easy,

Truely living is not

When chains of sorrow surrounds her,

When hard time comes around

She used to handle each situation

By putting a biggest smile on her face

She is living, she is fighting with the demons,

Even though its hard 

But she has courage to set everything at place

You may see the struggle

But never see her fall

That her beauty!!

Thank you fo reading

Fear of death

The fear of death is the fear of life,

It haunts us from the crib,

Some of them are strange and some are grave real,

But the only thing common in them is the word fear

Because of fear, we see such places as death-the deepest oceans, the darkest caves

So the fear of death may not control our actions

We are born with many of lights,

Shining in the dark…

And will die lighting the unlit ones.

Life’s for the living so live it 

Or you’re better off dead.

Thank you fo reading☺


In the early hours,

As most should be sleeping

I sit alone in the darkness 


Gliding deep into the forest

Darkness covers me like a blanket

Nothing to do, nothing to say

Just silence

Worries too heavy even to confess

But something tells me to wait,

Its my heart

As i sit alone in the darkness….


Thank yu fo reading☺


Titli k tarah udne ka khwab hai

Har phool ko khush krne ka khwab hai

Sitaron k tarah chamakne ka khwab hai

Tujhe b sbse aage dkhne ka khwab hai

Tu b apne Allah se mere liye dua kr..,

Mujhe pane k chah apne andar rakh…

Tu b mere raste apni rahein chunn

Har manzil, har manzar sath ho apna

Har dard, har khushi sath ho apni

Koi jo dard tera mujhse alag naa ho,

Tere dil me meri jagah kbhi kam naa ho,

Bann jaun teri chahat hamesha k liye

Dekhe toh main hi dikhun

Soche toh main hi sochun

Sagar me nadi k tarah 

Behne ka khwab hai,

Teri duniya khushiyon se bharne ka khwab hai

Titli k tarah udne ka khwab hai..!!

Hey guys, this is 1st time m writing in hindi so if there s any correction or any suggestions..let me know.

Thank yu fo reading☺


There is a sunshine in your soul..!

Happiness is not just a word its a feeling of being happy, cheerful.Every individual has their different ways to find happiness or say one can be happy in everything either big or small. Some can find happiness in a slice of pizza & drinks, watching the sun rise, watching the kids playing, reading books, with family, friends, love, etc. Everyone has their own perception of what happiness is. Apart from all the luxuries in the world it is the what people seek.

Iss pal me khush raho, yahi ek pal apka jeevan hai.

It is not measurable, it increases with the quality of your thoughts. I’ve heard that ‘Money can buy happiness‘…. and it is true money is important to happiness but only to a certain point. It buys freedom from worry about the basics in life but not the real happiness. People can be happy if they have something to strive for and something to laugh about, but it is not true because people with goals, intelligence and a sense of humour are still be unhappy. After all the final key to happiness is the decision to actually be happy.

Happiness depends upon ourselves, either you remain happy and calm in every situation with all the acceptance… or recieve negative energy from anywhere. Being happy is a decision that has to be made by everyone. Every person is suffering or facing many problems in their life but it doesn’t mean that you forget to smile, being indulge in problems in life smile is the only curve that brings a ray of hope and Finding laughter is important in life. So stop worrying about anything or everyone.

Feel happy 😀

Feel blessed🤗 

Let your mind whisper

sweet thoughts of happiness, 

feel the rhythm of your heart beat with gladness

your life has purpose, value and meaning

Shine on with love!!!

Thanks fo reading..