Her dream date💕

She is wearing a red top and blue rugged jeans. Her pretty hairs, soothing Red lips, dark black kaha and black flip-flops. She is all ready for her dream date. He came to pick her. His black suite was perfect. He was looking smart and Gentleman. They both looked at each other and smile shyly and together were looking perfect couple. This was her first official date.

 He looked at her and was continously looking at her like he is dreaming. Her matte lips approaching him, then they came close, closer than ever and they kissed each other so passionately. This was her first kiss and she felt so warm and good. The feeling of her soothing or (say) seducing lips made him feel like more….more..then finally they reached at hotel. He already booked the table fo their dinner. The table was decorated with rose petals, floating candles, and some b’ful fragrances.She was feeling to see the arrangements done by him and they took their dinner. After they went fo a walk at nearby garden. Her fragrance was so appealing and he was unable to stay away.

He holds her hand and she says on his lap…he kissed her forehead. This was the best feeling fo her ever.

Now the time comes; they never wanted to go home but they’ve to. So before returning home he gave her a love bite, she was blushing and they bid bye kiss to each other.

They lived the best moment!!😍

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Her story still exist

Everyone has a story as you better know what’s your story. Sometimes in our life we lived a movie’s character not actually the same but something similar. 

Everything is paining inside her it feels like she is missing something or someone or its a feeling of being alone. But I think it’s good to be alone. In her life there were times when she felt uncomfortable being alone but now she’s Happy . Loneliness teached her many things. In the start, she felt like crying..n..crying always and crying helped her to move ahead, to grow up. She doesn’t know why sometimes she feels so low and alone even in a crowd or a group of friends and then her days went bad. ‘At the end of the day it feels like nothing happend good today’. 


She’s been missing something because the charm f her life has gone away or it has never been there. Apart from her busy schedule, frequently or ofently she was missing something or someone. Now she’s waiting for the one to come with that charm or to fill the gaps b/w her or wishing the best thing to happen!!

P.S- Her story is not so good but she lived it very strongly.

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Loneliness is a feeling of sadness that one is alone(without family, friends, companions or any other company). Being  alone is not the same as being lonely. There is nothing wrong with being on your own if you’re comfortable with it.
You could have people around you throughout the day or even in a lifelong or still experience a deep, purvasive loneliness. It includes anxious feeling in order to lack of connection or communication with others.

As such loneliness can be felt when surrounded by other people. People can experience loneliness for many reasons and many life events or the physical absence of people. It may be a symptom of other social or psychological problem. It is very common if people feel alone because of break-ups, divorce, relationship disputes, friendship issues, etc. Now a days, loneliness has been linked with depression and thus a risk factor for suicide.

Lot more to write about loneliness….will write in the upcoming posts. But fo now enjoy reading this………and remember sometimes its too good to be alone!!