You’re so beautiful :)

Every girl, every women thinks Is she looks beautiful?.. and dont know what answer comes within. Acc to you; beauty means a b’ful face or something more than that. Girls always worries about their looks, personality. But beauty and personality are two different things. Girls in their teenager worry about their looks, they tend to look beautiful only from outside because they cant differentiate the meaning of inner and outer beauty. But when they grow up like in 20s (or more) they need to look beautiful from inside and out.

 Every woman is beautiful in her own way but not everyone can sees it beacause beauty is not in the face, it is a light in the heart! Beautiful face always attracts a man but beautiful heart only attracts the Gentle man. Anyone can look beautiful by applying some beauty products or by doin make over(its very easy) but one needs to do a makeover of their heart and soul. Looks are temporary, at times beautiful face fades away but not the’beautiful soul’.


So Always appreciate yourself for your beautiful heart and soul because face is not everything that holds beauty. When girls started appreciating themselves than no man can let her feel down. Show some attitude and walk away!!

B’coz you know

You’re so beautiful

So damn beautiful…..

HOpe you guys like it…Thanks fo reading!



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