There is a sunshine in your soul..!

Happiness is not just a word its a feeling of being happy, cheerful.Every individual has their different ways to find happiness or say one can be happy in everything either big or small. Some can find happiness in a slice of pizza & drinks, watching the sun rise, watching the kids playing, reading books, with family, friends, love, etc. Everyone has their own perception of what happiness is. Apart from all the luxuries in the world it is the what people seek.

Iss pal me khush raho, yahi ek pal apka jeevan hai.

It is not measurable, it increases with the quality of your thoughts. I’ve heard that ‘Money can buy happiness‘…. and it is true money is important to happiness but only to a certain point. It buys freedom from worry about the basics in life but not the real happiness. People can be happy if they have something to strive for and something to laugh about, but it is not true because people with goals, intelligence and a sense of humour are still be unhappy. After all the final key to happiness is the decision to actually be happy.

Happiness depends upon ourselves, either you remain happy and calm in every situation with all the acceptance… or recieve negative energy from anywhere. Being happy is a decision that has to be made by everyone. Every person is suffering or facing many problems in their life but it doesn’t mean that you forget to smile, being indulge in problems in life smile is the only curve that brings a ray of hope and Finding laughter is important in life. So stop worrying about anything or everyone.

Feel happy 😀

Feel blessed🤗 

Let your mind whisper

sweet thoughts of happiness, 

feel the rhythm of your heart beat with gladness

your life has purpose, value and meaning

Shine on with love!!!

Thanks fo reading..


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