Loneliness is a feeling of sadness that one is alone(without family, friends, companions or any other company). Being  alone is not the same as being lonely. There is nothing wrong with being on your own if you’re comfortable with it.
You could have people around you throughout the day or even in a lifelong or still experience a deep, purvasive loneliness. It includes anxious feeling in order to lack of connection or communication with others.

As such loneliness can be felt when surrounded by other people. People can experience loneliness for many reasons and many life events or the physical absence of people. It may be a symptom of other social or psychological problem. It is very common if people feel alone because of break-ups, divorce, relationship disputes, friendship issues, etc. Now a days, loneliness has been linked with depression and thus a risk factor for suicide.

Lot more to write about loneliness….will write in the upcoming posts. But fo now enjoy reading this………and remember sometimes its too good to be alone!!


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