Things we’l learn in our 20s

  1. Keeping friends become difficult.
  2. We cannot change people.
  3. Life will be filled with lot of Uncertainities.
  4. Seeing your Parents get older.
  5. You’ll learn how to live Alone.
  6. Relationships are difficult.
  7. You need money for Everything.
  8. Not all the Dreams come true.
  9. You’ll set the Foundation for the entire life.
  10. You’ll realize that getting married isn’t so bad.

      In 20s we learn many things, make many new friends, n etc . Tel me more things that we learn ..,in the comment box.

      Thanks fo reading :)


      20 thoughts on “Things we’l learn in our 20s

      1. So true. You also start to have a more understanding of people. You see more of there true character from their actions. You start being more aware of yourself and the message you send to others. Start thinking more about your inner self and what really matters.
        Great post! I’m a new blogger and would love for you to check me out!

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      2. Great post! I would add these too :

        11. Not getting married isn’t too bad either. 😂

        12. Sometimes what you want and what you need are two different and completely opposite things. 😛

        13. We learn to value our childhood memories.

        14. We learn to accept the fact that the world has much to offer and we are yet to see a lot more.

        I’ll add more later, when I remember them 😂👍

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      3. In your 40’s you learn your parents are human, some things are free, things aren’t as bad as they seem, looking at the funny side never did anyone any harm unless you share it with the wrong person, kids are also human-like maybe. Things will only get better, unless they don’t, either way LOL>

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      4. I loved the 10 learning lesson most.
        Marriage is foundation for humanity to exist socially.

        All the very best for your learning. Keep enjoying the journey called life, where learnings never ends for wise people , life may have end.


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