Feelings and Emotions

Emotions and feelings are a very important part of our life and it helps in thinking. Our decisions and choices based on emotions and feelings. They are our way of linking our values to the situation.

Feelings reflects our personal associations while emotions are the other side of the coin. Emotions are generally predictable and easily understood while feelings are confusing. Feelings are shaped by individual temperament and experience while emotions are inborn and common to us all. Feelings are so different from one person to another.If we had no feelings and emotions it would be difficult to make decisions or choices. Logic and thinking itself, are only ways of presenting the world so that we can apply our values through our feelings.

To live well we cannot run from our feelings, and we must learn to integrate them into our lives and let them guide us. The world’s most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched and feelings are one of them! Most of the times people use poems, potraits, walls or (it can be anything) to show their feelings n emotions.                                             We should not play with someone’s feelings and emotions, it hurts them and eventually it hurt us too.

There is lot more to say but thats all for the day. Hope you guys enjoy it reading. 


20 thoughts on “Feelings and Emotions

  1. Try to think of a life without feelings.
    Try to image what your mind would be like without emotion.
    Identify feelings (which tend to be held over a long period of time) and …
    Identify the emotions you feel (which tend to be more fleeting).
    Keep an emotion and feeling journal for a day and make a note of what caused each mental event, how long it lasted, and what made/helped you to stop experiencing each mental event.
    Try experiencing anger with a big smile on your face (make sure that the smile is in your eyes as well as your mouth) and they try experiencing happiness with a frown on your face. [research has shown that emotions are strongly linked with facial expression even to the extent that they can be evoked if facial muscles are positioned in various ways]
    Try evoking happiness and other positive emotions in others. Give yourself a point for each smile (for example) that you cause in others. Give yourself hourly / daily point targets.
    Notice what kinds of feelings and emotions books and movies raise in you and then choose your reading and viewing matter according to how you want to feel.
    These are just a few suggestions from the top of my head as to how you can learn more about this interesting subject. You can be sure that I will be doing these things at the same time as you.
    Have fun! 🙂
    Kindness – Robert.

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  2. Such important differences between the two. Personally I hate bad feelings, but I hear you can’t give up on one without eventually losing them all. I really enjoyed this comparison.


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