What do you think?

We people think too much as this too much leads to disturbance, distraction from work and many more. Especially girls, they overthink (as per to my experience overthinking also creates doubts). Before doing anything we think so much and it happens everytime.
People have tendency to think in every age …the only thing that changes….
their issues like teenagers have silly issues and they think on them as they have nothing to do else. In 20s; girls have other different issues and the cycle of thinking goes on n on….We think, to find better solution to our problems or issues whateva it is. But then to i really dont understand why we think that much and this thinking process is so wierd sometimes.(when i think on stupid things)


15 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. And the reality is our thinking often delays solving problems. “Knowings” are most likely to come in silence/stillness. Overthinking breeds misery. I know that from personal experience!

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  2. Its true we can overthink things – I find that I can sometimes convince myself that a plan/action is flawed, simply by running ridiculous scenarios through my head. Sometimes (not always) action is required quickly. Goos post, thanks for sharing 🙂

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